Week 1 Ozempic – I Lost 2.4lbs and Experienced Monstrous Constipation 

It’s been 1 week since my first Ozempic shot, so the time has come for my first report!

One week ago, when I started, I weighed 190.7lbs and had a BMI (body mass index) of 30.8, which is considered obese. Where do I stand (on the weighing scales 🙂 ) one week later?

The Results Week 1 Ozempic – Weight Loss

After one week of taking Ozempic, I am thrilled to note that I have lost 2.4lbs and my BMI has gone from 30.8 to 30.4!

It felt great to finally see some progress after months of trying different diets and exercise programs that weren’t yielding results.

Ozempic clearly does something to the chemical composition of the brain, because for the first time in a long time I did not have to battle constant cravings. What is even more interesting is that I hardly thought about food at all, which is great considering the fact that every time I try to diet I find myself unable to think about anything else!

In addition, I think that going on this medication focuses your motivation. This week I exercised every day, because I know that while taking Ozempic will help, I still need to put in the hard work myself in order to get healthy. Which is why I will also be reporting on my resting heart rate, since this is a good indicator of aerobic fitness, which is also an important part of getting healthy.

The Results Week 1 Ozempic – Resting Heart Rate

The resting heart rate is a measure of the number of times the heart beats per minute while at rest. This can be measured by taking a person’s pulse for one full minute, and counting the number of pulses. In my case I will be taking readings from my smart watch.

Resting heart rate is important because it is an indication of a person’s cardiovascular health and physical fitness level.

A healthy resting heart rate is generally between 60 and 100 beats per minute. A higher resting heart rate may indicate underlying cardiovascular issues such as hypertension or congestive heart failure, while a lower rate may signify that the individual has good aerobic capacity and cardiovascular endurance.

I started off last week with a resting heart rate of 81, which is not too bad but is still on the higher end of the healthy range. Over the week I went to the gym twice and I trained on the elliptical three times. I also made it a point to park further away from the office than I usually do, in order to up my step count. In total, I logged 505 minutes of exercise.

To my surprise my resting heart rate has already improved! In one week it went from 81 to 79.

Slowly but surely I will get there 🙂

The Side Effects 

Unfortunately, along with the newfound motivation came one unfortunate side effect – constipation like I have never experienced before!

It became clear very quickly that this was not your average case of constipation – this was an EPIC case of constipation worthy of being written down in history books as a warning for generations for Ozempic users to come!

At first I took it lightly. I upped my fibre intake my eating oats and berries, and drank lots of water. When that did not work, I popped into my local health store and stocked up on psyllium husk tablets and probiotics. That did not work either so I got glycerine suppositories – nothing doing!

I will not lie, the next part is not fun. I had to use enemas three days in a row in order to “unblock” myself, and yes, some tears were shed along the way.

Hopefully, with time my body will get used to Ozempic and the constipation will resolve itself naturally, because I really do not want to spend the next few months obsessing about my bowel movements. Time will tell.

Final Thoughts on Week 1 Ozempic

All in all , Ozempic helped me achieve impressive results within just one week. While there have been some unexpected challenges along the way (like monster constipation!), overall I am feeling positive about where things are headed.

If you’re considering trying out ozempic for yourself, make sure you read up on potential side effects beforehand so that you can make an informed decision about what’s best for your body and health goals! Good luck!

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