Week 2 Ozempic – I Lost 0.9lbs and still Severely Constipated 

It’s been 2 weeks since I started my Ozempic journey, and the time has come for my second weekly report!

My starting weight was 190.7lbs, with a BMI of 30.8, but in my first week I lost 2.4lbs and my BMI went down to 30.4. So I started week 2 weighing 188.3lbs.

The Results Week 2 Ozempic – Weight Loss

This week my results are less impressive than last week. I lost 0.9lbs in total, but to be honest, and apologies for the icky subject, I think it is because I am so constipated that anything I eat is stuck inside me and has not come out.

That said, to be perfectly honest, I was not losing any weight at all before I started Ozempic, so I guess that I should not complain.

And on the plus side, when my constipation clears then I should get a surprise weight drop (or at least that is what I am telling myself – no idea if it will actually happen!)

No Food Cravings!

Last week I wrote about the fact that Ozempic seems to have stopped my food cravings. Happily, the same happened this week. I did not have any cravings for chocolate or unhealthy snacks. When I felt a little hungry I was able to make healthy choices, opting for dried fruit or Greek yoghurt.

I even tested my resolve by indulging in one square of dark chocolate. Surprisingly, this small portion satisfied me and I did not have any more. I do not know if it is Ozempic or if it is some type of placebo effect because I know I got the shot, but whatever the reason, it is amazing. Not only did I not have any urge to overindulge, but I was able to carefully monitor my intake and remain mindful of the effects it could have on my overall health goals.

Even more impressive is the fact that I met my friends at a restaurant, which is usually a recipe for disaster for me. But not this time! Instead of ordering pizza or some other unhealthy (but delicious) option, I opted for grilled fish and roast vegetables. The food was delicious and I did not feel deprived, so I enjoyed my meal without feeling guilty afterwards. This is a very novel experience for me.

The Results Week 2 Ozempic – Resting Heart Rate

Last week I clocked 505 minutes of exercise, which must be a record of some sort. This week I logged 382 minutes of exercise, which is less but still a good number.

I started off two weeks ago with a resting heart rate of 81, and by the end of week 1 it had improved from 81 to 79. This week it went down to 74, which is fantastic! When I took my first Ozempic shot I promised myself that this was not about vanity, but about overall health, so seeing my heart get stronger and more efficient means the world to me.

The Side Effects 


What can I say? Last week I wrote that I hoped my body would get used to Ozempic and the constipation would resolve, but I must report that this has not happened. At least not yet.

The constipation brought on by Ozempic is no joke. I have tried all the natural remedies, from taking fibre supplements, eating more fibre-rich foods such as overnight oats and berries ,and drinking plenty of fluids.

I also used glycerine suppositories and enemas. Despite my best efforts, however, nothing seemed to work.

So I am having to take 30ml of Duphalac every day. Although I hate having to take a laxative, it has proven to be the only thing that helps me when the cramping and bloating become unbearable. It takes two to three days to work, but once it does it allows me to carry on living without needing to sit on the toilet for hours in agonizing pain.


This week, I experienced some mild nausea so I gave my doctor a call. After a quick consultation, she advised me to snack on crackers or toast when I felt unwell. Following her advice, I now carry a bottle of water (it’s important to stay hydrated!) and a small plastic container with crackers wherever I go. The second I feel a twinge of queasiness I immediately start nibbling on a cracker. Luckily it seems to settle my tummy.

So my advice to anyone who is on Ozempic is to always be prepared and have bland snacks at hand, since this will help you manage side effects such as nausea and enable you to get on with your day without a care in the world.

Final Thoughts on Week 2 Ozempic

My first two weeks on Ozempic have been quite the adventure. Despite serious struggles with constipation, I am still glad that I have been prescribed this drug. I have lost 3.3lbs in total, which might not sound like a lot, but after a year of trying to lose weight, it is such as relief to finally see the scale moving in the desired direction.

My energy levels are up and my clothes are fitting slightly better. It feels amazing to experience this progress, especially given how hard I’ve been working on my health journey. All in all, I am very pleased with the results from taking Ozempic and I am even more determined to see it through until I reach my target healthy weight.

Fingers crossed for week 3!

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