Week 3 Ozempic – 1.8lbs down!

I can’t believe that it has already been three weeks since I started Ozempic. It feels like I started yesterday, and yet here I am – publishing my week 3 Ozempic report.

In the past, whenever I tried to lose weight the days dragged on as I analysed and second guessed every single morsel of food I chose to put in my mouth. My experience with Ozempic so far has been totally different. It has not been totally plain sailing – I am still struggling with constipation, and every now and then I feel queasy. However, not thinking of food constantly has been an absolute liberation.

To recap, I started off weighing 190.7lbs with a BMI of 30.8. By the end of week 2 I had lost 3.3lbs and weighed 187.4lbs.

The Results Week 3 Ozempic – Weight Loss

This week I lost 1.8lbs, bringing my total weight loss over the three weeks to 5.7lbs!

My BMI is now 30, so I am now tantalizingly close to achieving my first weight loss target and shifting from obese to overweight on the BMI scale. Fingers crossed this will happen over week 4.

The Results Week 3 Ozempic – Resting Heart Rate

This week I logged 272 minutes of exercise, and my resting heart rate has gone down to 70. I am starting to dream about taking up running once the weather gets warmer, but for the time being I will stick to the gym and the elliptical.

The Side Effects 


I now have a new routine at breakfast. Every morning I swallow six psyllium husk capsules and 30ml of Duphalac. I will not lie. I hate the Duphalac, but unfortunately I need it, so I chug it back and grin and bear it.

I also make it a point to drink lots of water.


The crackers are still doing the trick, so the nausea situation is still under control.

Final Thoughts on Week 3 Ozempic

Since starting my Ozempic journey three weeks ago, I have experienced some ups and downs.

At first, I was filled with doubt and anxiety that this medication may not work for me.

However, over the past couple of weeks I’ve seen progress in terms of weight loss and improved overall health, so I am no longer worried. I know that I will not get to my target weight overnight, but it is truly encouraging to see that I am inching closer.

Bring on week 4!

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