Week 4 on Ozempic – 2.2lbs Weight Loss

It has been exactly a month (week 4) since I got my first shot of Ozempic and I have finally “graduated” from the 0.25 dose to the 0.5. Even more exciting is the fact that this week I achieved a very important milestone – my BMI went below 30 for the first time in years, meaning that I am no longer classified as obese!

My journey so far has been very successful on the one hand, with a total weight loss of 7.3lbs in 4 weeks, but also rather fraught on the other, since I have struggled with severe constipation and bloating that makes me feel very uncomfortable.

That said, I am so happy about the psychological and physiological impact of Ozempic on my cravings and metabolism that I am determined to continue taking it, while of course mitigating the constipation in any way I can.

Week 4 results

This week I did 341 minutes of exercise and my resting heart rate dipped to 67. I noticed that each week my exercise minutes are decreasing, which is a bit of a concern. This journey is supposed to be about my holistic health, and exercise and improving stats such as my resting heart rate and other issues such as cholesterol are my top priority. Clearly I need to push myself to do just a little bit more in order not to lose momentum on this front.

Weight wise, this week was very successful. I lost 2.2lbs, bringing my total weight loss in 4 weeks to 7.3lbs and my BMI to 29.8 (no longer in the obese BMI range!).

What is even more exciting is that two days ago my go-to stretchy jeans were in the wash so I tried to squeeze into an old pair that I had not worn for over a year, and it fit me comfortably! I am not taking body measurements, because when I do I tend to get obsessed, so this was a wonderful confirmation that my body is getting leaner đŸ™‚

The Side Effects

Once again I have to report that I am struggling with constipation, notwithstanding the fact that I am drinking litres of water, exercising daily, eating fibre-rich foods and fruits, and even taking probiotics and psyllium husk fibre supplements.

Last week I had seen some improvement so I reduced the dose of Duphalac from twice daily to once daily, and the result was Armageddon in my bowels! I upped the ante with glycerine suppositories and sodium phosphate enemas (never say that I am not keeping it real on this blog đŸ™‚ ), but nothing could unblock the tubes.

I have since returned to my previous dose of Duphalac (25ml twice daily) but I am still struggling to recover. It is clear that I am going to have to keep taking Duphalac for the long haul.

The constipation has taken my mind off food, which I guess is a silver lining. In addition when faced with chocolate the little devil in my head is now hanging his head in shame and telling me not to eat it, because if I do then what is the point of enduring this horrible constipation?

Conclusion – Week 4 results on Ozempic

Week 4 has been a great success no matter how you measure it. I have achieved my first target of losing 7lbs and I am now no longer obese on the BMI scale. Happily my cravings are still under control and clearly my metabolism has woken up from the deep sleep that it has been in for years.

I am also achieving success on other health measures such as my resting heart rate, which has dipped to 67.

The only downside this week has been the constipation I am struggling with, but hopefully next week will bring some relief thanks to the Duphalac.

So all in all, week 4 has been a success and I am looking forward to continuing my journey with Ozempic!

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